We procure work consistently but struggle maintaining annual profitability."

Resource Gravity's Three Win System customized approach partners with you to prioritize your goals based on what's most important to you and your organization, then breaks them down into manageable, actionable steps. Our partnership means we learn and help you leverage how you procure, turnover, and build work within your organization and train your champions to win three times. You leverage our expertise and tools to create a practical path forward that increases personal accountability and drives results. And we're there as your partner every step of the way.

Full Potential

The Three WIN System

Win #1

Project Development

Involves an understanding of Account Based Management sales tactics and overall marketing strategy to find, track, and manage target work.

Win #2

Preconstruction Turnover

Involves clear roles and defined objectives for contract creation and transfer to all internal business innerworkings to ensure quality planning and timely material delivery.

Win #3

Construction Operations

Involves consistency in schedule delivery and clear quality priorities to properly manage today's data and daily production metrics safely throughout the build process.